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Amsoil For Grown-Ups

First, let me dispose of…as we would a dirty diaper with an outstretched arm…the notion that it’s good for your vehicle to change the oil every 3-5000 miles.

If you still have the mindset of changing your oil every 3-5,000 miles…then you’re not potty trained. Americans allow Dealerships and lube shops to install low-grade motor oil so they can keep you coming back 4-5 times a year for an oil change…costing you hundreds of $$$ over the lifetime of your vehicle!

Running a low-grade oil can lead to costly repairs in the future and lower fuel mileage. Lack of lubrication is one of the leading causes of engine and transmission failure in a vehicle.

Since 1972…Amsoil has produced a high-quality synthetic motor oil that can take you up to 25,000 on an oil change.

If you’re tired of wasting your precious time changing your oil 4-5 times a year and want to keep your vehicle for several years…then let’s get you changed over to the “Grown Up’s” oil.

Watch the video…”Amsoil Is For Grown-Ups.”

AMSOIL Gives You The Luxury
Of Changing Your Oil Once A Year
Or Every 25,000 Miles!

Why 25,000 miles? In laboratory testing of Amsoil synthetic oil…the first signs of non-exterior contaminants show up sometime after 30,000 miles. 25,000 miles is therefore a conservative figure. Samples of oil can be sent to any oil testing laboratory for analysis. AMSOIL has an Analysis kit available should a user feel uneasy about extended service.

Order your oil and oil filters by going to the “application guide” click here.
Where it says…”Find Products For”… select “car or truck” or
any other of the equipment listed.

Select your oil and oil filter…add it to the “Cart” … Click “Proceed To Checkout”.
On the next page…click “Create a New Account” and fill in your info.

If You don’t change your oil…take it to your dealership or local garage…they’ll change the oil and filter for you.

To order products by phone…call Amsoil toll free at 800-777-7094
Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm CST.

Thank you for using my ID#516778 when ordering

How To Purchase Amsoil Products At Rock Bottom Prices

If you want to tap into my Million Miles of experience…here’s my number…937-417-1127.
I’ll be glad to help you match up the correct oil and filters for your vehicle or equipment.
If you get my voice mail…leave your name and phone number and I’ll call you back asap.

Happy Trails
John Schlimmer