M~ SUN0805N-Gas 5Amsoil Slashes Fuel Cost / Lowers Maintenance and Repairs

Hello, I’m John Schlimmer…my delivery service turned out to be an 8,000 – 10,000 miles a month adventure… delivering all over the USA. I was changing my oil sometimes twice a month (every 5,000 miles).

In May of 2000 at 68,250 miles on my 99 Chevy van… I decided to put the AMSOIL synthetic oil products to the test.

I installed the 0W-30 synthetic oil in the engine…the automatic transmission fluid in my transmission…the 75W-90 synthetic gear lube in the differential and the AMSOIL multi-purpose grease in all zerk fittings on the front suspension including the driveshaft.

25.000 Miles Or Once A Year Oil Change
Instead of changing my engine oil every 5,000 miles…now I can go 25,000 miles. And with the introduction of the Amsoil EAO oil filter…a 25,000 oil filter…sure makes changing the oil a breeze now.

Two immediate benefits:
Fuel mileage improved by almost 1 mpg! (Savings of $1700 per year). Instead of spending $600 a year on oil changes…it dropped to $300…PLUS…the downtime of getting an oil change was turned into $$$ by spending more time on the road and getting paid to see the good ole USA in my Chevrolet!

Here’s how Amsoil synthetic oil can save you money…Driving 15,000 miles a year

  • Improve your fuel mileage…4 – 6 percent…estimated savings – $150-$200 a year.
  • Reduced oil usage…change your oil every 25,000 miles or once a year… Eco friendly.
  • Engine / Transmission / Differential runs cooler…due to less friction.
  • Less time spent at a quick lube…one oil change a year…instead of 3-4 oil changes a year…estimated savings…$60 – $100 a year.
  • Less maintenance and repairs…Engine / Transmission /Differential run on a layer of lubrication reducing wear and costly repairs.
  • Easy start in sub-zero temperatures…Amsoil synthetic engine oils remain fluid up to -50 degrees below zero.
  • Save approximately .02 cents for each mile you drive…in fuel and oil savings.

So how can you know for sure the Amsoil products are that good?
I have personally driven my 99 Chevy van over one million miles using the Amsoil products while changing the oil and filter every 25,000 miles. To my knowledge…no other person or oil company has even come close to putting their products to the 25,000-mile oil change test using a gasoline-powered engine. Amsoil synthetic oil is the only oil that holds that “Gold Medal.”

It only takes 5 minutes to order online or by phone…and have the product shipped to your doorstep in 2-3 business days. In 20 minutes…you can have your dealership or local repair shop change your oil…and add the Amsoil synthetic oil and filter to your engine. And just that quick…you’re up and running. And that’s not all. The best is yet to come.

Amsoil Synthetic Oil gives your vehicle’s engine and drive train:
~better performance…
~longer life and dependability…
~Increased MPG…
~increased horsepower…
~ fewer repairs and maintenance…
~lower emissions…
~less waste oil…
~a cooler-running engine…transmission and differential…
And for you…a fatter wallet and peace of mind!

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Happy Trails
John Schlimmer