Expeditors Prove Amsoil Durability with 40K mile oil changes

Expediting Across the USA with Amsoil Synthetic Oil

Darrell & Debbie from Greenville Ohio were two of my best drivers traveling all across the U.S. (husband & wife team). They started driving for me in 2006.  In July of 2010, I turned the expediting business over to them and moved to Arizona.  Prior to that, they were running Amsoil in their vehicles.  And boy were they putting the Amsoil products to the test.

They put 395,000 miles on a 2001 Saturn. Sold the Saturn and purchased a 2006 GMC cargo van that has 397,000 on it to date.  They purchased a 2011 Chrysler Town and country and put 400,000 miles on that vehicle.  They sold it and purchased a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica that has 270,000 miles on it to date.

Expeditors Prove Amsoil Durability…with 30 to 40,000-mile oil changes

The amazing thing about this story, they would go 30 to 40,000 miles before changing the oil and oil filter on each one of those vehicles!  I occasionally would advise them to change the oil filters in between oil changes to prevent any oil filter issues.  However, they proved me wrong.  They never had an engine issue or an oil filter issue with any of the vehicles!

Amsoil gave them…Low Maintenance Costs and no Major Engine / Transmission Repairs Saving them Thousands of Dollars

They used the Amsoil Signature Series oil and the Amsoil oil filters in all their vehicles resulting in low maintenance costs and no major engine or transmission repairs saving them thousands of dollars.  They also used the Amsoil Synthetic Transmission fluid in all the vehicles with no major issues only replacing a couple of transmission sensors.  Transmissions are normally the first item to be replaced when keeping a vehicle past 120k-150,000 miles.  They blew right by those numbers.  I still have the original transmission in my 99 Chevy van at 1,410,000 miles, never been overhauled!

Approximately 49 oil changes driving 1,462,000 miles…with very little downtime

Here’s an interesting statistic.  I combined the vehicle miles to date.  They drove 1,462,000 miles.  Using the Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic 25,000-mile oil and oil filters, changing every 30,000 miles, they had 49 oil changes at a cost of $80 each totaling $3920.

If you notice I was conservative with the mileage.  Most likely the oil changes were lower…40 or less.  Had they used an off-the-shelf synthetic oil changing every 10,000 miles, they would have had 146 oil changes at a cost of $75 each totaling $10,950.

Amsoil Synthetic Oil can make your vehicle / equipment almost Immortal

The big advantage they had in their favor was 95% of the miles were long distances over the highway miles.  That allows your oil to last a lot longer versus stop-and-go driving.  Darrell and Debbie are proof that Amsoil Signature Series Oil and oil filters can make your vehicles and equipment almost immortal.   Darrell and Debbie retired from the expediting business in the fall of 2021 and still use the Amsoil products in their vehicles.

Expeditors Prove Amsoil Durability…Amsoil Gives You Worry-Free Traveling

The beauty of Amsoil Signature Series oil, whenever I’m traveling and notice the mileage is getting due for an oil change, instead of having to locate a quick lube, I have the peace of mind knowing I can continue my trip and change the oil when I get back home.

How do I know if my oil is still good?  I use oil analysis occasionally.   I catch a sample of oil when changing it and have it analyzed.  And the most remarkable proof that Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic Oil will not let you down, is my 930,000-mile engine tear-downLess than 1% wear throughout the engine!

Amsoil Synthetic Oil gives your vehicle’s engine and drive train:
~better performance…
~longer life and dependability…
~Increased MPG…
~increased horsepower…
~fewer repairs and maintenance…
~lower emissions…
~less waste oil…
~a cooler-running engine…transmission and differential…
And for you…a fatter wallet and peace of mind!

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Happy Trails
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