Over 1 Million Miles!

I’ve driven my 99 Chevy van over 1 million miles using the Amsoil products throughout my vehicle.  Still has the original transmission, never been overhauled!

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Amsoil Synthetic Motor Oil

I’m John Schlimmer.  In early September 1999…I purchased a new 1999 Chevy cargo van 3500 express and decided to start a delivery service.
Much to my surprise the delivery service turned out to be an 8,000 – 10,000 miles a month adventure, delivering all over the USA.
I was changing my engine oil about twice a month, every 5,000 miles.  While on a trip, sometimes I’d go over the 5,000 miles and would look for a quick lube.  I did that one time and the results were not good.

I’d heard about the Amsoil products in April of 2000 and their 25,000-mile oil change!  In May of 2000 at 68,250 miles on my 99 Chevy van…I decided to put the AMSOIL products to the test.

Fast Forward…I’ve driven my 1999 Chevy van over 1 million miles testing and verifying the powerful lubricating ability of the Amsoil synthetic oil products.  Here’s more info about my Million Mile Journey with the Amsoil products.


Signature Series


Keep the car you love safe with 75% more engine protection against horsepower loss and wear than required by a leading industry standard*

*Based on independent testing in the ASTM D6891 test using 0W-20 as worst-case representation.

Change Your Oil Less Often


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My Million Mile Journey

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