Story by John Schlimmer

My Million-Mile Journey with Amsoil Synthetic Oil

Starting a Million Mile Journey with Amsoil products was an “unborn idea” that was about to bless my future!  Hello, I’m John Schlimmer.  After 27 years of being my own boss…In the early summer of 1999…my business income had declined forcing me to look at other alternatives.

At age 52…I’m thinking what can I do? The thought came to me, “you can drive!” In early September of 1999 I purchased a new 1999 Chevy 3500 express cargo van and decided to start a delivery service.

Much to my surprise…the delivery service turned out to be an 8,000 – 10,000 miles a month adventure…delivering all over the USA.


Can you guess what I was doing sometimes twice a month? Changing my oil every 5,000 miles. Not fun especially when you’re away from home and your engine oil needs changed.

I’d heard about the Amsoil products in April of 2000 and their remarkable 25,000-mile oil change!  That encounter gave birth to My Million Mile Journey with Amsoil Synthetic Oil.

In May of 2000 at 68,250 miles on my 99 Chevy van…I decided to put the AMSOIL products to the test. (Purchase Amsoil at Rock Bottom Prices!)

Amsoil…A Change You Can Count on

I installed the Amsoil 0W-30 synthetic signature series oil in the engine along with the SDF (now EA/EAO) oil filter…(SDF oil filter was good for 12,000 miles back then).

Had the dealership install (done a transmission flush) the Amsoil synthetic automatic transmission fluid and a Wix Filter in my transmission and the 75W-90 synthetic gear lube in the differential.

I purchased the AMSOIL multi-purpose synthetic grease and greased all the zerk fittings on the front suspension including the driveshaft. 

NOTE: Using the Amsoil synthetic grease I went 1.2 million miles before replacing the tie rods and front suspension. Most over-the-road van drivers would go approximately 3- 400,000 miles before replacing the suspension.

Now let’s chip away at your “deeply ingrained belief” about changing oil.  While pouring the AMSOIL 0W-30 synthetic oil into the filler tube of my engine, as the bottle was draining, I was reading upside down on the back of the quart bottle.  It stated,  “good for 35,000 miles!”  (FYI…That was way back in 2000).  It has since been removed and replaced with 25,000 miles today. 

After stretching my mind like a bungee cord from a 25,000-mile oil change to a 35,000-mile oil change I thought, “go ahead, drive 35,000 miles…let’s see how good this oil really is.”  Little did I realize, My Million Mile Journey with Amsoil Synthetic Oil was underway!

Increased MPG
Oil Changes Went From 20 A Year…
To 4 A Year… Savings Per Year…$2000
Million Mile Journey Savings…$18,000

One immediate benefit…fuel mileage improved by almost 1 mpg! (Savings of $1700 per year). Instead of spending $600 a year on oil changes it dropped to $300…PLUS…the downtime of getting an oil change was turned into $$$ by spending more time on the road and getting paid to see the good ole USA in my Chevrolet.

My First 35,000 Mile Oil Change

On my first oil change I drove 35,500 miles…changing the Amsoil SDF oil filter every 11,700 miles and I ordered an oil analysis kit from AMSOIL.

At 103,750 miles (35,500 miles on the oil) I drained the oil, caught a sample and mailed it to Amsoil.  By the way the oil was black and I figured it had probably lost all its lubrication properties.  However I was about to learn just because your oil turns black, don’t panic!
A week later with the report in hand, I called Amsoil to go over the report.  What do you think the results were?  If you were like me, I figured it would be contaminated and depleted.

To my amazement, this is what they said… ”your oil is good for another 10-15,000 miles. Just change the oil filter!!”

I never tested my oil after that. However, due to the nature of my delivery service…I had lots of idle time…sitting and waiting to pick up another delivery.

In the heat of the summer, I would idle the engine with the AC running to cool the inside of the vehicle and in the wintertime, I would idle the engine with the heater running to warm the inside of the vehicle.

I knew idling was tough on the engine and transmission oil. If I had lots of idle time over a 3 month period…I would change the oil at 20 – 25,000 miles.

When Amsoil came out with the EAO 25,000 mile oil filter, I loved that because now I didn’t have to change my oil filter as often.  After that, I began changing my engine oil and oil filter every 20 – 25,000 miles.

My Million Mile Journey With Amsoil … Signature Series Synthetic Oil
Don’t Leave Home Without it

Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic OilAMSOIL Signature Series  Synthetic Motor Oil contains specialized anti-wear technology.
Its durable, high-temperature film strength effectively separates metal surfaces to reduce
wear even under the most grueling conditions.

Tests prove that AMSOIL Signature Series provides better protection against wear
than other motor oils…helping engines to last longer.
Amsoil Synthetic oil…the best motor oil for your vehicle.

I Have Proven Beyond Doubt…You Can Go 20 – 25,000 Miles With The Amsoil EAO Oil Filter

  • AMSOIL Oil Filters have the best efficiency ratings in the automotive market providing a filtering efficiency of 99 percent at 20 microns.
  • The Oil Filters feature advanced full-synthetic nanofiber technology and rank among the most efficient filters available for theOil Filter auto/light-truck market.  When used in conjunction with AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, AMSOIL EA Oil Filters are guaranteed for extended service life.
  • Oil Filters designated with product code EA15K are recommended for 15,000 miles/one year, whichever comes first, in normal or severe service.
  • Filters designated with product code EAO are recommended for 25,000 miles/one year, whichever comes first, in normal service or 15,000 miles/one year, whichever comes first, in severe service.

My Million Mile Journey with Amsoil
Blessed Me with A Million Mile Transmission

After driving my 99 Chevy van over 1,270,000 miles…using the Amsoil synthetic transmission fluid, it still has the original transmission…never been overhauled.

It shifts as smoothly as the day I purchased it. The only maintenance I’ve done to the transmission is to change the Amsoil Synthetic Transmission oil and filter every 150,000 miles. Now that’s extreme lubrication! (Note…city driving or short distances recommended every 100,000 miles).

The fella from Wisconsin that drove his
91 Chevy pickup 1 million miles…
went through 5 transmissions.
Cost to replace a transmission…
$3500 x 5 = $17,500.

Amsoil Transmission Fluid…Takes The Heat

Amsoil Racing … Torque Converter
and Transmission oil…Amazing story!
Now I know why I still have my original
transmission at 1.3 million miles.

Trans ChartAmsoil transmission fluid gives you Exceptional Hot – and Cold Temperature Performance plus thermal stability.
Hot temperatures are no excuse for poor reliability. Naturally, heat resistant and heavily fortified with anti-oxidants. Amsoil ATF exceeds the most demanding oxidation requirements.
Amsoil ATF delivers outstanding protection against sludge and varnish deposits that clog narrow oil passages and contribute to clutch glazing.
Transmissions can operate hotter and longer with AMSOIL ATF than with conventional fluids.

Cold-Temperature Fluidity
– Cold, thick automatic transmission fluid lengthens shift times and reduces energy efficiency (fuel economy). AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is wax-free and delivers extraordinary cold-flow properties (-60°F pour point). Shifting is more responsive, energy efficiency is improved and warm-up times are reduced.

Extended Fluid Service Life

Most drivers are unaware that transmissions commonly operate under severe service and require shorter fluid drain intervals. ATF new AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is a long-life fluid capable of extended service intervals.

It provides an extra margin of protection, especially when fluid change intervals are missed, during heavy use, and even during abuse. Drivers can count on AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF to provide protection beyond conventional fluids.

Ball Joints Replaced at 792,000 Miles
Thanks To Amsoil Synthetic Grease!

I’ve hit so many craters on the road…at around 600,000 miles…I had to replace my original rims. They could no longer be balanced because they were out-of-round (bent)!  The reason I mentioned my rims being bent…is because that’s an indication of the beating the front suspension takes day after day…mile after mile.

What you’re about to read in the next paragraph is absolutely amazing.
It testifies to the lubrication strength of the Amsoil synthetic products.

Amsoil Synthetic GreaseMy Million Mile Journey with Amsoil … Synthetic Grease

At 792,000 miles…I finally had to replace the ball joints. The left front ball joint that I replaced at 278,795 miles…due to a tear in the protective rubber…didn’t need replacing, but I changed it anyway.

The steering arms and tie rods are all still original at over 1 million miles…thanks to Amsoil synthetic grease. I use the Amsoil Multi-Purpose synthetic grease to give me the maximum protection against wear and corrosion on the front suspension, wheel bearings, and driveshaft.
NOTE: June of 2013 at 1,250,000 miles…replaced the original steering arms and tie rods. The technician that replaced them said they were still in decent condition.

Watch the Amsoil “Grease Comparison Test” video below. After seeing this remarkable test…then you’ll know why my 99 Chevy van went over 1.2 million miles before replacing the original steering arms and tie rods!

Severe Gear Synthetic Extreme Pressure (EP) Gear Lube 75W-90 (SVG)

Amsoil Synthetic Gear Lube

Amsoil Gear Lube

Formulated for the severe operating conditions of today’s pick-up trucks, SUVs, heavy equipment, and other hard-working vehicles. When I added the Amsoil synthetic 75W-90 gear oil…I forgot about it. Big mistake…at almost 500,000 miles…the differential bearings had to be replaced. Found out later…differential oil should be replaced every 150,000 miles.

At around 1.1 million miles…I had to replace the entire differential housing due to the axle/differential splines wearing thin. I had the limited-slip differential (great for traction) and from my understanding…they’re a little more delicate than your standard one-wheel drive differential. I hauled many heavy loads over long distances…demanding heavy-duty protection from only three quarts of oil…the capacity of the differential.

My Million Mile Journey With Amsoil … P.i. Treatment
Fuel Injectors Replaced At 930,599 Miles

When I replaced my engine at 930,599 miles…the Chevrolet dealer service manager in Jackson, TN…advised me to replace the injectors.

But when I told him they were the original injectors…he looked at me with disbelief. He’d never seen injectors last that long.

Amsoil suggests using a bottle of the PI fuel treatment every 4000 miles. Since I drive over the road 8-10,000 miles a month…I would add the PI treatment once a month. I would normally (depending on how much idle time I had) pick up an extra MPG when adding a bottle of the PI.

Did P.I. help keep my injectors operational over more than 900,000 miles? I know what I think. What do you think?

P.i. Performance Improver Concentrate (API)

PI Valve Treatment CroppedAmsoil P.i. is the most potent gasoline additive available. As a concentrated detergent, it cleans combustion chamber deposits, intake valve deposits, and port fuel injector deposits.  Helps maintain peak engine performance and fuel economy. 

Engines with accumulated deposits:
Testing showed…AMSOIL P.i. provided the following clean-up benefits after only one tank of gasoline:

  • Improves fuel mileage an average of 2.3%
  • Reduces emissions up to 15%
  • Reduces carbon monoxide (CO) up to 26%
  • Reduces nitrous oxides (NOx) up to 17%
  • Restores power and performance
  • Reduces the need for costly higher octane fuel
  • Reduces noise from carbon rap and pre-ignition
  • Engine runs smoother
  • Helps pass “emissions” test

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PS: Most Japanese models take the Ea15K oil filter…good for 15,000 miles. If you drive over 15,000 miles a year…change the oil filter…no need to change the oil until 25,000 miles or one year. European cars … oil and filter need to be changed at the recommended mileage by the owner’s manual.