Hydra-matic 4l80 TransmissionTook my Million Mile Chevy to the GMC dealership here in Gilbert, AZ (1,227,411 miles) to have the transmission fluid changed. I had gone over 138,000 miles (3 years) without changing the oil. Normally go 150,000 between oil changes.

Since I’ve not been driving over the road the last couple of years and driving short trips…I decided it was time to change the transmission fluid.

Note: Click here to see just how many parts are involved inside a 4L80 transmission. I have driven over 1,318,000 miles using the Amsoil synthetic automatic transmission fluid and the transmission has never been overhauled or had one repair done to it!

Even though it was still nice and red on the dipstick…I was getting concerned about the transmission filter may be breaking down or possibly plugging.

Adding to that is the sizzling hot summers here in the Phoenix desert sitting and idling in traffic when it’s 115 degrees…puts more stress on the engine and transmission fluids.

A Complete Transmission Flush…Can Make Your Transmission Almost Immortal

I talked to the service manager at the GMC dealership…and was told they had a machine that would do a complete transmission flush…which is what I was looking for.

If you don’t do a complete transmission flush you’re just wasting your money. Plus you’re putting your transmission at risk in the future by not removing all the contaminated oil.

I was a little concerned about taking my van to another dealership. The Chevrolet dealership in Greenville, OH had taken great pride in servicing my 99 Chevy van for 1.2 million miles and had few issues with their work performed on my van.

The transmission holds almost 14 quarts of oil…so I went online and placed my order with Amsoil.  A ATF two and one half gallon jug…a one-gallon jug and three quarts…totaling 17 qts of the Synthetic Transmission Fluid and a Wix transmission filter.

The day I took it to the GMC dealership…I asked the service manager if it was okay to talk with the technician that would be doing the flush on my transmission. She said no problem. After speaking with him…he showed me the flushing machine and explained how it worked.

I Was Anxious To See The Magnet

I asked him to let me know when he dropped the transmission oil pan…I was extremely interested in seeing what the inside bottom of the oil pan looked like…plus there’s a magnet in the bottom of the pan…and that was the one item I was anxious to see.

Why? Metal shavings…that’s what the purpose of that magnet is for…is to collect them. And if there are lots of them…it’s an indication your transmission is experiencing significant wear and a potential repair looming in the near future.

About 30 minutes later…the technician had me come back to his work station where he was working on my van. He’d just dropped the transmission oil pan…so I got to see firsthand the inside bottom of the pan. The oil pan was clean. No debris or sludge. Then I spotted the magnet.

The magnet was going to tell me how my transmission was doing. At first glance…I could not see anything on the magnet. So I rubbed my finger around the magnet…amazingly…there were no metal shavings on the magnet…the magnet was clean!

Even the technician commented on how clean everything was. And me…I was bubbling over with enthusiasm once again at “how remarkably tough” the Amsoil transmission fluid really is.

Original Transmission At 1,318,000 Miles…Still Shifts Smooth As Butter

At 1,318,000 miles the “original transmission” in my 99 Chevy van still shifts as smooth as the day I purchased it.

Here is an interesting story: The fella in Wisconsin that drove his 91 Chevy pickup truck 1 million miles…went through 5 transmissions! Estimated bill: $17,500.

How Often Should You Change Your Transmission Fluid?

Amsoil synthetic transmission fluid in your vehicle should be changed every 100,000 miles.  The only exception to that is…if you drive over the road for a living, then you may be able to drive 150,000 miles between transmission oil changes.

Be sure to check your fluid levels each month if you’re driving lots of miles. The correct way to check your transmission fluid level…the engine and transmission must be hot. With the engine running…pull the transmission dipstick…wipe it clean…re-insert…then pull it out.

You may have to do this two or three times to get an accurate reading. You’ll see on the end of the dipstick…engraved markings…the oil level should be between the two marks which indicates “full”…if it’s below the lower mark…add a 1/4 quart of transmission fluid until the level is back between the two lines.

NOTE: FYI…in case you cannot find a transmission dipstick on your vehicle…transmission oil dipsticks have been slowly disappearing. Many vehicles have a “screw-in plug” located under the vehicle attached to the side of the transmission that you remove to determine if oil needs to be added.  My advice…if you’re not a DIY…take it to a dealership or repair shop to have it checked.

If you’re using Amsoil synthetic transmission fluid…be sure to take a quart along just in case the technician needs to add fluid.

If you want to have peace of mind about keeping your vehicles for 500,000 miles “PLUS”…I have proven that the Amsoil synthetic fluids will make your vehicle almost immortal.

Common Fixes for a Transmission that Shifts Hard

It only takes 5 minutes to order online or by phone and have the product shipped to your doorstep in 2-3 business days. In 20 minutes…you can have your dealership or local repair shop change your oil and add the Amsoil synthetic oil and filter to your engine.  And just that quick…you’re up and running. And that’s not all. The best is yet to come.

How To Purchase Amsoil Products At Rock Bottom Prices

Amsoil Synthetic Oil gives your vehicle’s engine and drive train:
~better performance…
~longer life and dependability…
~Increased MPG…
~increased horsepower…
~ fewer repairs and maintenance…
~lower emissions…
~less waste oil…
~a cooler-running engine…transmission and differential…
And for you…a fatter wallet and peace of mind!

If you want to tap into my Million Miles of experience…here’s my number…937-417-1127. I’ll be glad to help you match up the correct oil and filters for your vehicle or equipment. If you get my voice mail…leave your name and phone number and I’ll call you back ASAP.

You can call Amsoil toll-free at 800-777-7094 Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm CST to order products. You can also call tech support at 800-777-8094 ( press 3) to help you get the right oil and filters for your vehicle or equipment. Thank you for using my ID#516778 when ordering.

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