Oil filler cap removed from the valve cover
oil filler entrance

A service manager friend sent me these pictures of a 2014 Hyundai Veloster 1.6L 4 cyl with a turbo…120,000 miles.

What you’re seeing is the cap removed from the valve cover oil fill entrance. As you can see it’s coated with sludge.

After wiping clean the fill cap entrance…sludge is visible inside the valve cover. The price you pay for using cheap oil.
A high quality synthetic oil would have prevented this from happening.
The service engine light came on. After reading the code the engine sensor is removed. It has a coating of sludge and shows of heat build-up. The engine is destined for a catastrophic failure due to high heat and sludge restricting oil flow. All at the expense of added fuel mileage and reducing emissions. Regulations that cost Americans a fortune in repairs.

How to possibly save this engine

After talking with an oil specialist who also reviewed these pictures…he advised using and engine flush and then adding the Amsoil Signature Series synthetic oil and Amsoil Oil Filter.
Run the engine 3000 miles and do another engine flush draining the oil and removing the filter…adding again the Amsoil Signature Series synthetic oil and Amsoil oil Filter. He felt confident it would most likely clear up the sludge and possibly save the engine. Should be good for 15,000 miles after initial cleaning.

Amsoil Engine FlushPS…If you have a vehicle with over 50,000 miles on it (gasoline or diesel)…I STRONGLY suggest using Amsoil’s Engine Flush.
When you’re ready to change you oil…if you’re a DIY…
Simply pour one bottle into the engine oil filler opening for gasoline engines…two bottles for diesel engines and let idle for 15 minutes. Do not run down the highway. Drain the oil and remove the oil filter and add the new.

For those taking their vehicle to a local dealership or shop…drive to the location 15 minutes before your appointment. Park in the parking lot…pop the hood and pour the engine flush into the engine oil filler opening and let idle for 15 minutes. Have the technician drain the oil and remove the old oil filter and install your Amsoil synthetic oil and Oil Filter.

Beware Turbo Fans

Todays engines are running much hotter in order to reduce emissions. Add a turbo and you have fueled the fire for even hotter running engines.

So beware turbo fans. All that extra get up and go that forces you back in your seat whenever you put the pedal to the medal…you would be wise to be running the best synthetic oil you can get your hands on.

Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic motor oils for gasoline engines are normally good for 25,000 miles. However…having a turbo is considered “Severe Service” due to the extra heat. Reducing the oil change and oil filter to 15,000 miles.

Most of us love shortcuts

The desire to cut to the chase is perfectly understandable. So here’s what you can do. If you’re skeptical about Amsoil…check out the study below.

This study was done in June 2013. Oils have not changed that much since then…although some have most likely improved as Amsoil having to meet the newer car companies guidelines. You be the judge.

And if that seems like to old of a study and you really want to “cut to the chase” then click onto my “930,000 Mile Engine Teardown Brochure” and quickly see for yourself how squeaky clean Amsoil kept my engine changing the oil and filter every 25,000 miles.

It only takes 5 minutes to order online or by phone…and have the product shipped to your doorstep in 2-3 business days. If you’re not a DIY…you can have your dealership or local repair shop change your oil…and add the Amsoil synthetic oil and filter to your engine. And just that quick…you’re up and running. And that’s not all. The best is yet to come.

Amsoil Synthetic Oil gives your vehicles engine and drive train:
~better performance…
~longer life and dependability…
~Increased MPG…
~increased horsepower…
~less repairs and maintenance…
~lower emissions…
~less waste oil…
~a cooler running engine…transmission and differential…
And for you…a fatter wallet and peace of mind!

Here’s a link to help you get started:
How To Order Amsoil At Rock Bottom Prices

If you want to tap into my Million Miles of experience…here’s my number…937-417-1127. I’ll be glad to help you match up the correct oil and filters for your vehicle or equipment. If you get my voice mail…leave your name and phone number and I’ll call you back asap.

You can call Amsoil toll free at 800-777-7094 Monday – Friday 7 am – 5 pm CST to order products. You can also call tech support at 715-399-8324 to help you get the right oil and filters for your vehicle or equipment.
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