Synthetic vx PetroThe one thing I really enjoyed about the
expediting business…the adventure of it.
You’re always going to a different place,
taking a different route, seeing different
people, eating different food, and seeing
the diversity of America. Plus I got paid
to see the USA in my Chevrolet!
Now I call that a “perfect combination.”

Speaking of perfect combinations
When you add pure maple syrup to Cracker Barrel pancakes… a perfect combination.
When you add milk to cereal… a perfect combination.
When you add chocolate syrup to vanilla ice cream… the perfect combination

So what would be the perfect combination for your vehicle?
When you add a key to your ignition… a perfect combination.
When you add a battery to your starter… a perfect combination.
When you add gasoline to your vehicle’s engine… the perfect combination.
When you add petroleum-based oil to your engine… an imperfect combination!

Now, wait a minute. I put the key in the ignition. Turn the key. The battery sends
an electrical current to the starter causing the engine to turn over and at the same
time, gasoline is injected into the cylinders creating a controlled explosion while
the engine oil is lubricating and cooling the engine to keep it running smoothly.

Petroleum Oil…The Imperfect CombinationPetro Oil vs Heat
Petroleum oil molecules are like eggshells. Experts have discovered when petroleum oil…
is heated above 260 degrees…the molecules begin a process of breaking down.
Creating a chemical reaction that leads to a
build-up of tar…sludge, and varnish inside your engine and transmission. Once that happens… lubrication begins to diminish causing the following problems:

• Gummy rings…the MAIN reason why engines burn oil.
• Sticky lifters…may cause clattering and burned valves.
• Varnish glazed piston walls… increase oil consumption.
• Varnish glazed seals…the most common cause of oil leaks.
• Reduced fuel mileage and increased emissions.

Synthetic Oil Molecules Are Like Steel Ball Bearings
Over 39 years ago…synthetic oil was introduced into the
marketplace by a company called Amsoil.
So what’s the difference between synthetic and petroleum oil?

Petroleum oil comes from crude oil.
Pure 100% Synthetic oil is formulated containing no crude oil.
Amsoil synthetic oil is created in a lab and made with pure ingredients.

The properties of synthetic oil consist of a molecular structure superior to that of crude oil.
The molecules in synthetic oil are like steel ball bearings…they resist breaking down when heated.
With the molecules staying intact…your engine floats on a layer of lubrication…
keeping the engine mirror clean with no build-up…fewer oil changes…
increased fuel mileage and less maintenance and engine repairs.

With today’s newer vehicles and stringent emission requirements…engines are running hotter
to burn the fuel more efficiently. This is putting an increased demand on the ability of your
engine oil to lubricate at these higher operating temperatures.

Amsoil Synthetic Oil…The Perfect Combination For Your Engine And Transmission
Amsoil synthetic oil withstands the stress of higher horsepower, higher heat, and complicated emissions control systems.
Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is engineered to outperform competitive
conventional and synthetic motor oils. It delivers long-lasting performance and protection.

I’ve documented and tested the Amsoil products in my 99 Chevy van for over 1.2 million miles.
Estimated fuel and oil savings over a nine-year period…$18,000!

If you add the Amsoil synthetic oil products to your vehicle or equipment…it will make them
almost immortal. The perfect combination.

It only takes 5 minutes to order online or by phoneand have the product shipped to your doorstep in 2-3 business days. In 20 minutes…you can have your dealership or local repair shop change your oil…and add the Amsoil synthetic oil and filter to your engine. And just that quick…you’re up and running. And that’s not all. The best is yet to come.

Amsoil Synthetic Oil gives your vehicle’s engine and drive train:
~better performance…
~longer life and dependability…
~Increased MPG…
~increased horsepower…
~ fewer repairs and maintenance…
~lower emissions…
~less waste oil…
~a cooler-running engine…transmission and differential…
And for you…a fatter wallet and peace of mind!

Here’s a link to help you get started:
How To Order Amsoil At Rock Bottom Prices

If you want to tap into my Million Miles of experience…here’s my number…937-417-1127. I’ll be glad to help you match up the correct oil and filters for your vehicle or equipment. If you get my voicemail…leave your name and phone number and I’ll call you back ASAP.

You can call Amsoil toll-free at 800-777-7094 Monday – Friday 7 am – 5 pm CST to order products. You can also call tech support at 800-777-7094 press 3 to help you get the right oil and filters for your vehicle or equipment. Thank you for using my ID#516778 when ordering.

Happy Trails
John Schlimmer

PS…Welcome to my Million Mile Team